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Salesians of Don Bosco USA West in Panama!!

Next January over 4 million young people will gather in Panama for World Youth Day 2019! The host country, Panama, will open its doors and welcome young catholics from around the world for a week of prayer, formation, and liturgy. The Salesians of Don Bosco USA West will send a group of 16 young adults, 10 from Northern California and 6 from Southern California. Please pray for all these young leaders as they continue their formation in preparation for World Youth Day 2019!

Join us in spirit and in song! The official anthem of World Youth Day 2019 Panama!


Rector Major and Young People


Introduction to Salesian Youth Ministry

Salesian Youth Ministry educates for life in the cultural and social environment of the young person:

  •  It evangelizes by educating and educates by evangelizing.
  •  It centers on the Body of Christ and brings young people into that living community of faith where their gifts and their journey are given direction and support.
  •  It is within the context of community that the young discover their place in God's plan; their gifts, their community and are called to transform the world into the image and likeness of Christ.

Don Bosco’s pastoral concern found expression in a process of humanization that sought to develop a young person’s full personality and create a society that was more just and human.  “We educate and evangelize according to a plan for the total well-being of man directed to Christ, the perfect Man.  Faithful to the intentions of our Founder, our purpose is to form ‘upright citizens and good Christians’” (Const. 31)

The Salesian Oratory Model

The Oratory is a place, an environment, an attitude, and a method. The Salesian approach to youth ministry is first and foremost a way to Jesus.

  • It is a home where young people can feel welcome, safe and peaceful.
  • It is a school where life skills are learned.
  • It is a church, a place of prayer and spiritual development.
  • It is a playground where fun and joy celebrate life.

(PowerPoint on the Salesian Oratory Model is available: Download File)

The Salesian Preventive System of St. John Bosco

The Preventive System is a spirituality, pedagogy, and a style of pastoral action.  It is the synthesis of the complete thought and pastoral action of St. John Bosco.  It is Don Bosco's way of journeying with young people to help them to grow into honest, responsible, contributing members of society (upright citizens) and good people of Faith (good Christians).

Don Bosco's Spirituality




Movimento Giovanile Salesiano - Movimiento Juvenil Salesiano