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Italy – Twelve Provincials, from four continents, for mid-term Review meeting

1 month 1 week ago
Italy – Twelve Provincials, from four continents, for mid-term Review meeting

(ANS - Turin) - A little more than a month after the previous edition, a new meeting of the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, is being held in Turin with the Salesian Provincials who have reached the middle of their six-year term. On this occasion, 12 Provincials from four continents are participating: a further sign of the continuous and ever more intense return to normality in the activities of animation and government of the Congregation.

The event, scheduled from 19 to 28 October, is so close to the previous one due to the desire to recover the meetings lost during the hardest phase of the pandemic. As usual, it is organized by the Vicar of the Rector Major, Fr Stefano Martoglio, and by his Secretary, Fr Saimy Ezhanikatt.Participants in the meeting:

-      Fr Manuel Cayo, Provincial of Peru (PER);

-      Fr John Bosco Pitisant Dhepharat, Provincial of Thailand (THA);

-      Fr Giuliano Giacomazzi, Provincial of Italy-Lombardo-Emiliana (ILE);

-      Fr Manuel Jiménez, Superior of the Vice Province of Africa - Congo Congo (ACC);

-      Fr Jose Kochamkunnel, Provincial of India – Chennai (INM);

-      Fr Simon Asira Lipuku, Provincial of East Africa (AFE);

-      Fr Carlo Lira, Provincial of Chile (CIL);

-      Fr Pierre Célestin Ngoboka, Superior of the Vice Province of Africa Great Lakes (AGL);

-      Fr Krzystof Rychcik, Superior of the Zambia-Malawi-Zimbabwe-Namibia Vice Province (ZMB)

-      Fr Francisco Sánchez, Provincial of Ecuador (ECU);

-      Fr Januarius Sangma, Provincial of India-Guwahati (ING);

-      Fr Timothy Zak, Provincial of United States East and Canada (SUE).

The program includes also planned visits to places related to Don Bosco and re-live the Salesian charism and to live moments of fraternity. Thanks to the collaboration of the religious communities of the places concerned, the participating Provincials will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of Salesianity in Turin, Chieri, Colle Don Bosco, Mornese, Valponasca and Nizza Monferrato, in addition to the activities carried out by the Salesian Mission Office "Missioni Don Bosco" in Turin.

Each day will also include moments of formation with interventions ranging from Don Bosco's spirituality manifest in dreams to the sense of discipleship in Salesian religious life; from the role of Mary Help of Christians in Don Bosco's spiritual experience to the discussion of Don Bosco's vocational and spiritual adventure; up to the reflection on Salesian consecrated identity in the two forms.

All this, together with moments of spirituality and shared celebrations, will be the setting. The individual conversation that each Provincial has with the Rector Major to jointly examine the level of application of the guidelines delivered at the beginning of the mandate and any other recommendations, as well as the specific challenges and realities that each Provincial must face will also be pivotal in the programme.

From the comments and reactions expressed already in these first days by the Provincials, one perceives a great enthusiasm to be able to share these days together, to enrich oneself in mutual knowledge and grow in the sense of belonging to the Congregation.

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    Italy – Caritas Sisters GC18 concludes at Valdocco with the Rector Major

    1 month 1 week ago
    Italy – Caritas Sisters GC18 concludes at Valdocco with the Rector Major

    (ANS – Turin) – The 18th General Chapter of the Caritas Sisters of Jesus concluded with the Eucharist celebrated by the Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernández Artime at the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Valdocco, Turin, on 21 October 2021 at 11:30 AM. After two weeks of the General Council in Ariccia, near Rome, the 45 GC18 Delegates travelled to Turin, Valdocco, to entrust their 6 year journey to Mary Help of Christians.

    They prayed for the new General Council: Mother Superior: Sr Emiliana Park (Korean); Vicar: Sr. Maria Tsujihara (Japanese) ; Formation: Sr. Maria Letizia Ono (Japanese); Missions: Sr. Veronica Hamasaki (Brazilian); Economer General: Sr. Dafrosa Oh (Korean); Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Councilor: Sr. Evangeline Min (Korean); Spirituality: Sr Maria Mukai (Japanese).

    During the Send-off Eucharist, the 10th Successor of Don Bosco, Fr Á.F. Artime, addressed the Sisters in a 3 point homily:

    First - Thanks for the new leadership: “Mother Emiliana, excuse my frankness, but if you carry out your service truly in the name of the Lord Jesus, just like the grain of wheat you will have to die a little daily to give life to your sisters, and there is no doubt that the Lord will bless this gift of self and service...”

    Second - Invitation to fidelity to the charism: “Calling you to truly be life for so many, light of the world, salt in the mission among the poorest. After this Chapter, God is calling you, my dear sisters, to advance in personal and charismatic holiness, to be ever more faithful in the simplicity of your life...”

    Third - Inspired by the Gospel: “My dear sisters, only faith truly saves us, lifts us up, heals us, and gives and will give your Congregation all the strength to continue the mission for which you have been raised by the Holy Spirit himself. Only faith in Jesus, and only Jesus himself.”

    At the end of the homily Fr Á.F. Artime concluded: “May the blessing of Mary Help of Christians that we will offer at the end of this solemn celebration be once more the missionary sending out as it was for Fr Cavoli and Fr Cimatti.”

    After the conclusion, the GC18 Delegates coming from all five continents, will attend the blessing of the renewed birthplace-house of Fr Antonio Cavoli (1888-1972) at San Giovanni in Marignano, Rimini.

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      RMG – October, Missionary month: Reflections and Animation from the Missions Sector

      1 month 1 week ago
      RMG – October, Missionary month: Reflections and Animation from the Missions Sector

      (ANS - Rome) - World Mission Sunday will be celebrated next Sunday, 24 October 2021, on the theme "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. (Acts 4:20)". Perfectly sync with this inspiration is also the message that the General Councilor for the Missions, Fr Alfred Maravilla, has announced for the missionary month of October. The theme of his reflection is: "Lay People and Salesians as Missionary Disciples". It is a heartfelt appeal so that every baptized person may feel and make their own the mission of evangelizing, and that every Salesian may fully live the Salesian missionary spirit among the young, summarized by Don Bosco in the motto “Da mihi animas”. As an in-depth study and a tool for animation in this missionary month, the Sector for Missions has also produced a new video from the “CaglieroLIFE” column, entitled: “DISCIPLESHIP - To be a disciple is to believe”.

      Fr Maravilla affirms in his reflection, entrusted to the bulletin of Salesian Missionary Animation “Cagliero11”: Through the Sacrament of Baptism, all Christians are people of God and share in the mission of the Church. The Second Vatican Council emphasised in a special way that every baptized person and all Christian communities share in the Church’s missionary task of extending the frontiers of the faith (Ad Gentes, 2, 6).

      Therefore, every disciple and every Christian community is challenged and invited to be missionary by making its own the mandate entrusted by Jesus to the Apostles, to be his "witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1 , 8). Thus, Pope Francis insists that for every baptized member of the Church "we no longer say that we are 'disciples' and 'missionaries', but that we are always 'missionary disciples'" (Evangelii Gaudium, 120).

      As consecrated persons, our Salesian religious profession is a unique and fruitful deepening of our baptismal consecration in view of our particular mission in the Church. As Salesians, we are, everywhere, true missionaries of the young and the youth is our mission land. We live our identity of missionary disciples by living Don Bosco’s missionary spirit. This missionary spirit – summed up in the 'Da mihi animas' - is the heart of our pastoral charity, which manifests itself in the 'oratorian heart', fervour, drive and the capacity for intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. It is the passion for evangelization, especially of young people, and the willingness to be sent wherever there is a need, expressed in ‘Io ci vado - I'll go there, that Fr Alberto Caviglia considered as being the 'Salesian motto'. In short, the missionary spirit is typical of every Salesian, because its roots are in Don Bosco’s charism itself. It is this missionary spirit that makes us live the Salesian consecrated life "in a permanent state of mission".

      To learn more about what it means to be a disciple and how to accept the proposal of Jesus when he says: “Follow me”, the video of October CaglieroLIFE is also available.

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        Kenya – Meeting of Formation and Youth Ministry Delegates of Africa Madagascar

        1 month 1 week ago
        Kenya – Meeting of Formation and Youth Ministry Delegates of Africa Madagascar

        (ANS - Nairobi) - On Tuesday 19 October 2021, the Provincial Delegates for Formation and the Provincial Delegates for Youth Ministry of Africa-Madagascar met in Nairobi at the "Don Bosco Youth Educational Service" building; with them, the General Councilors Fr Ivo Coelho (Formation) and Fr Miguel Angel García Morcuende (Youth Ministry) were at hand to share their apostolic experiences in formation.

        From the exchanges, it emerged that the Preventive System and the Salesian Pastoral Educational Plan (PEPS) constitute the basic model in the formation of the missions in all stages of formation, without forgetting the "Reference Framework for Youth Ministry" and the importance of the Educative Pastoral Community (EPC). At the same time, there were complaints about the tendency to privilege the parish apostolate at the expense of adequate accompaniment. Therefore, the Delegates for Youth Ministry were asked to be actively involved in the Formation Teams to develop a mentality of Ongoing Formation.

        Furthermore, the need for joint formation with the laity was underlined, as the Church and the Congregation are insistently calling for. And to achieve this goal, a change of mentality is also necessary.

        In their interventions, Fr García Morcuende and Fr Coelho each presented the theme: “Formation and accompaniment of the apostolic dimension - Proposal of a project of elements to be considered” from the point of view of Youth Ministry and Formation.

        Fr García Morcuende concentrated his reflection on the “Framework of Reference for Youth Ministry”. He affirmed that relegating the pastoral dimension to a second level is a serious mistake since man gradually grows in all dimensions. He recalled that pedagogical mediation was also necessary because if there is no pastoral model of reference, one ends up carrying out a "downward" pastoral model.

        Furthermore, the General Councilor for Youth Ministry remarked that culture was changing today, and for this reason, the Salesians would have change in order to bring young people to an encounter with Christ. He then affirmed that the whole EPC is responsible for youth ministry in the educational mission and that therefore the EPC should not be just a document, but a mentality. Finally, he concluded by inviting the participants to help young people discover what it means to be Salesians starting from the very houses of formation.

        Fr Coelho, on his part, urged those present to learn from experience - an experience that requires "contemplative listening", which is necessary because it allows one to experience interior life and thus to re-read the pastoral life and know the motivations of the young people in formation. At the same time, he underscored that the formator, in order to be able to read the feelings of young people, must know how to read his own feelings and emotions in the first place.

        Finally, he stressed that the formation of formators must be based on "learning to listen" because "God has given us only one mouth, but two ears".

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          Poland – First meeting of the School for Salesian Animators

          1 month 1 week ago
          Poland – First meeting of the School for Salesian Animators

          (ANS - Toruń) - The School for Salesian Animators (SAS), was held from 15 to 17 October 2021, at the Salesian Schools in Toruń."Thanks to the great variety of workshops, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and acquire useful knowledge to do a better job with young people", said a participant.

          After a discernment, carried out in June, on the idea of the ​​SAS young people of the Poland-Piła Province (PLN), the organizers decided to articulate the program in a series of three formation meetings to be conducted during the school year, each with a different theme. Almost 90 young animators and educators from various groups and communities of Aleksandrów Kujawski, Bydgoszcz, Czaplinek, Debrzno, Dębno, Gryfino, Kobylnica, Konin, Ląd, Leszno, Lubrza, Piła and Szczecin took part in the autumn meeting dedicated to workshops on play and recreational activities.

          The meeting served above all to integrate young people with their peers from other Salesian houses, as well as to acquire new skills in the animation of free time. The organization of activities, led by specialists from the "Fantazja" Animation Center in Człuchów and by the Salesians from Bydgoszcz, Dębno, Krakow and Ląd, encouraged young people to work creatively and to cooperate in groups.

          During the workshops, the participants learned not only about games and recreational activities, but they also invented new forms of recreation themselves. They then had the opportunity to test themselves in preparing proposals for a cheerful evening and in conducting games. "We really liked the short theatrical performances, which we can use for evangelization or during Salesian 'good nights'," wrote the participants of one of the groups in their summary of the conference.

          In the homily of the Eucharist that concluded the meeting, Fr ​​Damian Okroj SDB, the main organizer of the SAS, referred to the figure of Christ the servant: "In our work, in our service as animators, we must become like Him," he affirmed. Then he recalled the figure of Don Bosco, who at a certain point in his life, being robbed by the boys who came to the oratory, wanted to abandon the path he had chosen. But his mother Margaret showed him the cross: “Then John Bosco understood that to serve others is to suffer, to lose. Service to others, 'service for ...', must be based on altruism, generosity, an open heart, the willingness to lose even something. We do not serve ourselves so much as Christ to reach the reward of eternal life,” continued Fr Okroj.

          “The time spent here has been very useful for us and we will certainly use many of the games we learned in the future,” said one of the young participants. While one of the Salesians present shared: “Surprise, amazement, emotion? I'm not sure how to describe what I felt when I saw a group of animators who, late in the evening, on their own initiative, gathered in the school chapel for the night prayer ... "

          A video summary of the meeting is available. The next SAS appointment is scheduled in Piła for February 2022.

          Fr Krzysztof Tomeczkowski, SDB

          {gallery}PLN - Primo turno SAS - 2021{/gallery}

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            RMG – First online meeting of the Provincial Delegates for the Salesian Family in the world

            1 month 1 week ago
            RMG – First online meeting of the Provincial Delegates for the Salesian Family in the world

            (ANS - Rome) - The most important points for the accompaniment and animation of the Salesian Family in the world by the Salesians were the fulcrum of the first meeting between the Salesian members of the Secretariat for the Salesian Family (SF) and the Provincial Delegates for the SF active in all seven Regions of the Salesian world, celebrated from 6 to 15 October.

            About 70% of the SF Provincial Delegates participated in the meeting, carried out digitally. It was a beautiful experience of communion and sharing, as well as an excellent opportunity for evaluating the strengths and current challenges for the Salesian Family of each Province. And all this was lived in an atmosphere of joy, prayer and communication.

            The Salesian Family groups are present in all the Provinces in a variable proportion from 25% to 45% of the presences of the officially recognized groups. Furthermore, in several Provinces there are other local groups that deserve attention. The vitality of the groups is manifest, even in these pandemic times, and is expressed through the commitment of the members of the Salesian Family Provincial Councils, the growth of some groups (such as ADMA, the Salesian Cooperators ...), the relationship with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the projects often linked to the planning of the Provinces and the initiatives of celebration, formation, prayer and also of mission. Finally, the bond with youth ministry teams, openness to the local Church and social commitment also grow and deepen due to constant effort.

            Among the challenges: the need to grow even more in the sense of the Salesian Family, in the capacity for accompaniment, in the formation of the new generations of Salesians in knowledge of the Salesian Family were felt. Besides, the proposal was also made for a more accurate joint formation, in order to grow in the appreciation of the laity, in the capacity to self-responsibility of the groups, to involve those who for various reasons did not feel like affiliating themselves fully with an organization, in the branching out of the Salesian Youth Movement within the Salesian Family and in the renewal of the Salesian Family itself were also made.

            The gathering also made it possible to share information on the upcoming Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family, on the recently framed formation Course for New Provincial Salesian Family Delegates, information on the new website of the Salesian Family and on other events that were planned for the next few months were also highlighted.

            Ultimately, it was a rich exchange, which will undoubtedly become an itinerary of sharing and deepening in the present six-year term.

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              Italy – Chennor fulfills his dream: Visits the Don Bosco’s Native

              1 month 1 week ago
              Italy – Chennor fulfills his dream: Visits the Don Bosco’s Native

              (ANS - Turin) - Chennor Amadu Bah had never boarded a plane, nor even had had a ride in an elevator or on escalators. He could never have imagined that meeting Don Bosco in the "Pademba" prison in Freetown would change his life so much that he went from being "the king of fights" to the best defender of minors in prison and in the streets. Before returning home to Sierra Leone - on his presentation tour of the "Inocencia entre rejas" (Innocence behind bars) campaign of the Salesian Mission Office "Misiones Salesianas", accompanied by the documentary "Libertad" of which he is one of the protagonists - he flew nine times, visited four countries and traveled thousands of kilometers: all -not only to tell of his testimony of forgiveness and redemption, but also of Salesian works. And since he feels like a "son of Don Bosco" he visited Valdocco and Colle Don Bosco and exclaimed: "I am having one of the best days of my life".

              In a month he never put away his cell phone, given to him by a benefactor: it was used to record everything “to show it to the children of the street and tell everything when he returned,” says Chennor. In the evening, moreover, his family calls and also the young people who, like him, work at the “Don Bosco Fambul” center in the capital of Sierra Leone. He was just pure generosity and kindness, always thanking everyone even for little favours.

              The Salesian missionary Fr Jorge Crisafulli, years ago, was so moved by his story and by the transformation that took place, thanks to Don Bosco that he offered him a job with the Salesians. Chennor accepted the job and continued to surprise everyone: he gave away his first salary to save a minor he met in prison who had a hernia operation.

              During the presentations of the “Inocencia entre rejas” campaign and the documentary “Libertad”, Chennor answered all the questions, however difficult and hard they were, in an an easy and natural tone. His testimony generated standing ovations on several occasions. Chennor spent 17 years of his life on the streets and eight years in the prisons of Sierra Leone. In one of them, also as a minor, he was repeatedly sexually abused, and in some cases even consensually, in order to have food to eat.

              “I thought I would die in prison, because I saw the minors around me die ... but Don Bosco saved my life and changed me forever. I owe everything to Don Bosco, and I will always be by his side, working so that no street children end up like me and will continue saving those who are in prison,” he says with a smile on his face.

              The first day he entered the prison as Don Bosco's worker, he visited his abuser and brought him food, water and soap. He forced him to look him in the face and told him that he forgave him, but that he should never do anything like that again. “Talking about my situation, accepting it as part of my life, forgiving my abuser and telling him that, has helped me to be as I am now,” he explains simply.

              At the invitation of "Missioni Don Bosco", the Salesian Mission Office of Turin, Chennor visited Valdocco, the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, Colle Don Bosco ... "I prayed in front of Don Bosco and Domenico Savio for all the children who 'Don Bosco Fambul' follows in Sierra Leone. I am very grateful for this trip and because God and Don Bosco have allowed me to change my life. Now my dream is to return to my family and always work for street children and for those in prison.”

              Chennor, the best Salesian bodyguard in Freetown when they go out at night to save street children and girls in prostitution, will continue to inspire hundreds of children with his work. “When Augusta (one of the protagonists of the documentary “Love” by “Misiones Salesianas”, Ed.) returned from her trip from Turin, everything she told about Don Bosco helped many girls to realize their dream. Unfortunately, she is now dead, but she is still doing a lot of good from Heaven and I want to be like her and help the children of Don Bosco Fambul,” concludes Chennor.

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                Belarus – Centenary celebration of Salesian presence

                1 month 1 week ago
                Belarus – Centenary celebration of Salesian presence

                (ANS – Minsk) – Thanks to the first Salesian priest Ludwik Gostylla, who arrived on Belarussian territory in 1921 to sow the seeds of Salesian charism here, that today’s generation of St. John Bosco’s sons and daughters have a unique possibility to celebrate 100th anniversary of the Salesian presence in 2021.

                Today Salesian structures in Belarus operate within Religious Catholic Mission Society of St. Francis de Sales, which is located on the territory where Salesian charism was alive and active for the past 100 years thanks to sacrificial and committed ministry of Salesian confreres.

                On October 16, the solemn celebration of the centenary of the Salesian presence on the territory of modern Belarus began. The festive program began with a historical symposium. There were many representatives of the Catholic Church in Belarus, Salesian priests, priests and representatives of other monastic communities, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the Association of Salesian Cooperators, animators, youth and members of each Salesian parish present on the occasion.

                The Rector of the Salesians in Belarus Fr. Viktor Haidukevich SDB greeted the audience: “Today ‘s anniversary awakens many feelings and emotions - from the joy of the beginning of the Salesian charism through the sufferings of the way of the cross suffered during the terrible wars at the hands of totalitarian systems, through the revival of the catholic faith to this day. We, the modern generation of Salesians, with gratitude in our hearts and strong hope, continue to write history; we continue to build a beautiful temple of Salesian charism on a strong and solid foundation!”

                He greeted the guests of honour, all groups of the Salesian family presented at the celebration as well as all those gathered and wished the participants of the symposium a joyful celebration of the beautiful anniversary and beautiful experience of deepening of the knowledge of the history of the Salesians in Belarus!

                Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime SDB has sent congratulatory video from Rome

                Letters of felicitations were also sent by Provincial Tadeusz Jarestky SDB and Bishop of Hrodno diocese, Most. Rev. Aleksandr Kashkevich who wished to be present on the celebration but couldn’t take part in it.

                The bishops of dioceses also sent in their congratulatory messages and expressed that the great significance of the celebration was not only for the Salesians, but also for the whole Catholic Church in Belarus.

                A compendium on the life and living conditions of the Salesians in Belarus over the past hundred years was also presented to the audience. The speakers included emiment personalities like the retired Metropolitan Archbishop of Minsk-Mahilëŭ, Most. Rev. Tadeush Kondrusiewich, Fr Artur Liashneusky SDB and doctor of historical sciences Edmund Yarmusik.

                A great surprise for the audience was a documentary film prepared by the Salesians and the Belarussian television company. The film narrates the history of the Salesian mission in the Belarussian land. It is possible to watch it on YouTube channel.

                In conclusion, the Superior of the Salesians in Belarus expressed his sincere gratitude to all the participants and organizers of the symposium and noted that this anniversary was a great honour for the Salesians all over the world, but also placed a great responsibility to carry forward the heritage of the past generations of Salesians, who spared neither strength, nor health, not even their lives to build the mission.

                Drawing on past experience, he emphasized how he saw the personality of the modern Salesian: “Following the example of Don Bosco, the Salesian must be a bearer of hope, a source of optimism and joy, despite difficulties and problems. Reliable support in realizing our mission is a sincere devotion to the Eucharist and to Mary, so that we may be true witnesses of Christ and our holy founder.”   

                After the symposium, everyone went for the Mass to the Arch-cathedral Church of the blessed Virgin Mary to pray together and to thank God once again for the gift of 100 years of Salesian service in Belarus. The Mass was celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus, Archbishop Most. Rev. Ante Jozic.

                Before the beginning of the Mass people were greeted by the local rector of the Salesians in Belarus, Fr. Viktor Haidukevich SDB. He thanked the representatives of the local church for their presence. He emphasized the significance of the celebration for all Salesians: “Today’s anniversary is a debt of gratitude for the centuries of old history of our predecessors, who were defined by sacrificial love for God and neighbour, austerity and prayer, devotion and tireless service to the Lord. It is our gratitude for a hundred years of evangelization and of giving God ‘s graces in the holy sacraments and, of course, it is gratitude for a hundred years of pedagogical effort for the good of children and youth of our Fatherland!”.

                In the homily the Nuncio once again recalled the history of the Salesian Society in Belarus and recounted its difficult and joyful periods. The nuncio said: “Today Salesians of John Bosco continue the activity of their founder and wish to be true to the charism, to remain a sign of God’s love for the young. Dear Salesian brothers, I invite you every day to re-discover your charism, to live in community. I invite you to identify the real needs of today ‘s youth, of the parish communities entrusted to your care. I invite you to act in unity for the Church and to revive the world in Christ, so that it may become better, and more than just fraternal!”

                A marble memorial plaque with the names of all Salesians who worked on the territory of Belarus in the period from 1921 to 2021 was brought to the altar as a gift. This plaque will be fixed to the wall of the church of St. John Bosco in Minsk. A Time capsule was also brought with a message from the modern Salesian family to their descendants and it will be opened after 100 years.

                At the end of the Mass, members of different groups of Salesian Family -Salesian Sisters, Salesian Cooperators, ADMA and the youth wished the Salesians. Fr. Pavel Shcharbitsky SDB thanked Fr. Viktor for his diligent and careful leading of the Salesians of today. Salesian bishop Most Rev. Aliaksandr Yasheusky SDB noted that the celebration was, first of all, a kind of gratitude to God and Mary as well as to the people who needed the salesian charism. The bishop said that celebration of this anniversary was not a sign of pride but a sign of respect for the past generation and a sign of gratitude. This celebration must provide a new impetus for the development of the Salesians: “It helps us to draw the way for the future, so that our charism is a truly manifestation of God’s love for everyone who comes into contact with our parishes, oratories, our youth centers”.

                A beautiful moment emphasizing the important contribution of the Salesians for the revival of the faith in the country was Pope Francis’s Medal that the Apostolic Nuncio presented to the Superior of the Salesians in Belarus, Fr. Viktor Haidukevich. The Nuncio also wished the Salesians a new century of fruitful service in Belarus.

                Next day, the centenary celebrations took place in every parish of Salesian presence in Belarus.

                {gallery}Bielorussia - Centenario 2021{/gallery}

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                  Italy – Death Anniversary of Venerable Maria Cristina Cella Mocellin

                  1 month 1 week ago
                  Italy – Death Anniversary of Venerable Maria Cristina Cella Mocellin

                  (ANS - Cinisello Balsamo) - Friday 22 October is the 26th death anniversary of venerable Maria Cristina Cella Mocellin, wife and mother of a family, Past pupil of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. On this occasion, the "Holy Family" parish community of Cinisello Balsamo (Milano), her hometown, and the parish community of San Nazario, Valbrenta (VI), where she settled down after her wedding, will celebrate Mass in their respective centers to pray in remembrance of the Venerable.

                  The whole Salesian Family has reason to celebrate her memory with gratitude. Maria Cristina, in fact, offers a model of Christian life of undoubted relevance: as a young woman she knew how to fully live the time given to her (she died on 22 October 1995, at just 26 years of age). As a mother she prioritized her baby she carried in her womb even at the cost of her own life; as a Past Pupil of the school of the FMA “Maria Ausiliatrice” of Cusano Milanino, she lived a truly spiritual life, made up of intense prayer, dedication to her duties and offering her sufferings in joyful testimony.

                  More information is available on the website of the "Amici di Maria Cristina - ONLUS" Association - - ​​where you can also find information about the biography of the Venerable and the initiatives organized by the association itself.

                  On the occasion of this precious event, we publish one of the writings of the venerable found in her Diary. A text that cries out the firm joy that springs from the priceless gift of faith and that reminds us how important it is to revive this gift.

                  IT'S WONDERFUL TO BELIEVE:
                  I believe that there is joy even when everything is sad;
                  believe that there is peace, even if there is only war outside and inside you;
                  believe that there is life, even in the face of death;
                  believe that there is truth, even if the world is built from lies;
                  believe that there is God, in every moment.
                  I thank you, Lord, for the faith You give me
                  strength for me and for others
                  the joy of living towards a goal;
                  the sweetness of feeling close to You;
                  the greatness of feeling possessed by You.
                  Loving you Lord is sacrifice,
                  following You is renunciation,
                  and like all sacrifices and renunciations, it costs.
                  Yet, I know, I believe that the greatest joy comes from the love that I give You.
                  It is man's nature to love, but many times he does not know
                  to whom to turn his love.
                  You are the love.
                  In you, I know that there is no sin, sadness, discouragement.
                  You are the joy,
                  You are forgiveness,
                  You are the hope that many times I miss.
                  And I don't realize that
                  when I miss one of these three,
                  I don't fully own you.
                  Maybe because I'm not looking for You enough,
                  or I don't know how to recognize You behind the thousand faces You have.
                  Help me.

                  (From Una vita donata, edited by Fr Patrizio Garascia and the “Associazione Amici di Cristina Onlus”, Edizioni San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo, 2005). 

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                    Gian Francesco Romano

                    RMG – At work for the Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2022

                    1 month 1 week ago
                    RMG – At work for the Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2022

                    (ANS - Rome) - The Salesian Family Spirituality Days are an unmissable event for those who, despite the multiplicity of different charisms, recognize Don Bosco as a beacon and guide for their life and mission in the Church and in society. In fact, they have been going on for 40 years and were also held last year, albeit with the necessary changes and attention, at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic showed its toughest face. Currently, the Secretariat for the Salesian Family, led by the Central Delegate of the Rector Major, Fr Joan Lluís Playà, is working on the next edition, which will be held in mixed mode - in presence in Turin-Valdocco, and with digital platforms - from 13 to 16 January 2022.

                    As per tradition, the Spirituality Days, on a thematic level, will serve to deepen the message of the Rector Major's Strenna for the new year. The guideline, therefore, will be drawn on the basis of the motto already announced last July by the Rector Major - "Do all through love, nothing through constraint" - a theme drawn from the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales, the Genevan bishop who Pope Pius IX proclaimed as a Doctor of the Church.

                    “In this way, we will approach the core of the spirituality of the saint who strongly inspired Don Bosco. This year is particularly significant because we observe the fourth centenary of the death of St Francis de Sales (1622-2022). It will undoubtedly be a precious experience for the Salesian Family worldwide. A good coordination by the local Provincials and their Councils will be decisive in helping all of us to feel and share the Salesian spirit which has its origin in the Saint of Annecy,” explained Fr Joan Lluís.

                    As in 2021, also for the ‘GSFS 2022’, the fortieth anniversary in Salesian history, there will be three different “levels” of participation: one global, regional and the local levels.

                    The program of the "world" level will be broadcast live from Turin every day from 13:00 to 15:00 Italian time (UTC + 1). Around 250 people are expected to participate in presence in the event at Valdocco, representing the 32 groups that make up the great tree of the Salesian Family. The event will begin on Thursday 13 and will end on Sunday 16, with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime. All information (program, registration link and all other resources) will be provided at: 

                    The “regional” program will be broadcast from the venue chosen by each Region. The specific moments of this level will be organized by the regional teams and their coordinators will send members all the information necessary to participate in the various events planned in their respective regions: America (a single region for Interamerica and America South Cone); Africa and Madagascar; Mediterranean; North Eastern Europe; South Asia; East Asia and Oceania.

                    “If the Salesian Family Councils or Provincial Councils wish, and are able to hold some meetings in presence, they will obviously be free to do so. Celebrating the Eucharist together, communicating experiences, reflecting on the theme of the local reality, living together joyfully ... these are all initiatives that will undoubtedly foster the family spirit among the local groups,” explained Fr Joan Lluís.

                    In any case, even for those who follow the broadcasts exclusively from a distance, Fr Joan Lluís reassures: “We will still be able to live and share moments of fraternal and festive coexistence.”

                    • RMG CASA GENERALIZIA
                    • Giornate di Spiritualità della FS
                    • Famiglia Salesiana
                      Gian Francesco Romano

                      India – Kerala rains unleash havoc, deaths; KISMAT showers solace to affected

                      1 month 1 week ago
                      India – Kerala rains unleash havoc, deaths; KISMAT showers solace to affected

                      (ANS – Kottayam) – The heavy rainfall and the consequent floods have devastated the State of Kerala, claiming the lives of many and displacing thousands since last week. Rescue efforts are in full swing, with the help of local administrators everywhere. The rainfall has partially subsided in central Kerala, but the threat of landslides and severe waterlogging across multiple districts persists. Kerala has seen a series of natural disasters in the past four years, causing loss of lives and property. The residents of the Kottayam district have witnessed a tragedy of such magnitude for the first time.

                      Amid the grim situation, on October 18, the KISMAT (Kerala Interstate Migrants Alliance for Transformation) State team, with Father Tony Plavilayil SDB (State Director, KISMAT) came forward to help the people affected by the deluge in Kottayam.

                      The volunteers have taken up the relief and rescue operations on a war-footing and distributed food packets and groceries to the affected people at various places in the district. They have provided temporary shelter for affected people, gathering food and other materials for relief camps, and counselling for women and children who are affected mentally.

                      The relief activities were carried out in Koottickal, Chappath, Plappally, Poovanjimala, Vettukallamkuzhi, Chelikund of Mundakayam town at Kottayam district.

                      The volunteers also started working on mobilising relief materials in close coordination with the District administration. During rescue and relief operations, people from neighbourhood groups extended exemplary assistance in all possible ways.

                      By Fr. Rubin Panthackal, SDB

                      • India
                      • INK INDIA BANGALORE
                      • Disastri e Calamità Naturali
                        Gian Francesco Romano

                        Italy – Turin’s new mayor thanks Fr Rabino and the Salesians for the imprint given to his life

                        1 month 1 week ago
                        Italy – Turin’s new mayor thanks Fr Rabino and the Salesians for the imprint given to his life

                        (ANS - Turin) - "I dedicate this victory to a person who for me was a teacher, a father, a guide: Father Aldo Rabino. I wish he was here, but I’m sure he is watching us from up there." These were the first words of the new mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo, elected to lead the Piedmontese capital after the elections to local bodies on Sunday and Monday. A geologist, 46, the First Citizen of Turin wanted to claim and present to the citizens his Salesian formation, which played a decisive role in his life and in his political career.

                        Mayor Lo Russo, hitherto a fulltime professor at the Polytechnic of Turin, and who has been the member of the City Council since 2006, made his ascent in the academic world beginning from technical school education. His family had modest resources and chose that path for him so that he could circumvent the costly regular academic school system and begin qualifying towards a job.

                        It was precisely then, when the young Stefano was about to take his diploma at the Salesian technical school, that the intervention of the Salesian Fr Rabino introduced him to the world of volunteering. He involved him in the "Operation Mato Grosso" in Latin America.

                        Then, a few years later, Fr Rabino himself said to him: "Why don't you get involved in politics?" Not surprisingly, in the blog in which he introduces himself, Lo Russo states: "The passion for politics and commitment to my community was undoubtedly born in those years."

                        The bond with Fr Rabino, who passed away in 2015 and whom Lo Russo defined as his spiritual guide, was also sealed thanks to the national sport -Football, as both were ardent lovers of the sport. It certainly went beyond "faith in a sports team" as well. The new mayor is as much a Juventus fan as was his Salesian formator, who in fact was the chaplain of that football club for over forty years and had been also passionate about Torino Calcio.

                        Thus, in the city of Don Bosco, the First Citizen is indeed a fruit of Salesian education.

                        • Italia
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                          Gian Francesco Romano

                          Mexico – “Leadership in the Association of Salesian Cooperators” Regional Meeting

                          1 month 1 week ago
                          Mexico – “Leadership in the Association of Salesian Cooperators” Regional Meeting

                          (ANS – Guadalajara) – The Salesian Cooperators of the Inter-America region held their second virtual training meeting on Sunday, October 17, which revolved around the theme “Leadership in the Association of Salesian Cooperators”. Three hundred cooperators participated, coming from the thirteen countries that make up the region and from other countries as well.

                          Alfredo Algandar, the Provincial Coordinator for Mexico North, welcomed all the participants. The world councilor of the Interamerica Region Francisco Burciaga also addressed the attendees with a few words.

                          Fr Alejandro Zepeda, SDB, illustrated the guiding theme and encouraged participants to assume leadership with the characteristics that Don Bosco offers, expressed in the Statute of the Project of Apostolic Life, so as not to get lost in things that do not go with the Salesian charism:

                          - Seeing, listening, and capturing what is affecting girls, boys, adolescents, and young people today.

                          - experiencing authentic compassion to allow ourselves to be moved by the Holy Spirit who keeps us in constant motion.

                          - upholding fidelity to the promise made by the fervent desire to serve God and His children most in need.

                          The motto of the meeting was "Called to be salt and light for the young." The objective was to provide the participants with a formative, fraternal, and community experience that would help raise awareness of the need for formal leaders who promote the internal and external of the Association in the mission to which one has been called: to be the first to put oneself at the service of the Gospel.

                          The Cooperators of Northern Mexico presented a video of their province, highlighting the testimony of Salesian Cooperators, from the youngest to the oldest in their province, who shared their vocational experience and encouraged those present to live their mutual vocation faithfully.

                          The Salesian Cooperators of the North Mexico province were the protagonists of the event and the team of communicators of the region were coordinated by Martín Calderón, the regional head of formation. This is the second of seven meetings that the region will have monthly until July 2022.

                          This meeting was held in Spanish, with simultaneous translations in English and French, languages ​​of the Inter-America Region.

                          You can see the transmission through Facebook live on SC Interamerica.

                          • Messico
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                            Gian Francesco Romano

                            Timor-Leste – Towards the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival: An experience of the Young and the Salesians

                            1 month 2 weeks ago
                            Timor-Leste – Towards the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival: An experience of the Young and the Salesians

                            (ANS – Dili) – Two months ago the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, launched the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival”. The Salesian world has been participating actively in preparing their own video to be submitted before 15 October. This film festival gives an opportunity to young people to move on amidst the pandemic crisis and calamity. It is true that the pandemic crisis and natural calamities and other current problems have devastated the world, but people must move on. Each province will produce their video based on the title of the Strenna for 2021 which is none other than “moved by hope.” The Salesians and the young people in TLS vice-province were very happy to take part in this festival and here they share their testimony:

                            This is a good opportunity for the young to increase the talents of young people's videography and cinematography. There are challenges and difficulties during the process of producing the videos, but this is a milestone to be grateful for. This would be a great experience for each province in order to be present in the digital world. In particular, on this occasion all the videos are trying to infuse hope and encourage one another as life is being threatened due to the pandemic crisis and other calamities. This is a great moment for every human being to be an ambassador of hope to each other to endure in these trying times.

                            In Timor-Leste, the Provincial Fr. Apolinário Maria Ornai Neto, SDB encourages the Social Communication team to participate in this opportunity to be active in the digital arena to infuse hope in the young people around the world but especially in Timor-Leste. Below they present a little clue on the short film they have produced for this festival film in order to infuse hope and be ambassadors of hope. Let us be “moved by hope.”

                             “The emissary of hope”

                            “The world has been devastated by the pandemic crisis and calamities. Experiencing calamities, one may lose hope and faith in God. Furthermore, one may lose the sense of living in the world. In this time of fear, human beings must be an emissary of hope for others. This is the only way to remain strong in the current world with so much uncertainty.

                            Timor-Leste is one of the countries suffering different types of calamities including Covid-19. This has led many people to unending suffering such as hunger, death, unemployment and injustices. However, the government is tirelessly working to lessen the burden of the people by offering vaccines and provisions for their survival.

                            The Movie making team further outlines their film thus:

                            Maria is a good young 16-year-old who lives in a simple family. They sought God's protection amidst all these uncertainties. She has put all her trust in her parents who provide herwith everything she needs. With the death of her parents in confinement due to Covid-19, she accuses God of being unjust. They died without leaving her any farewell message. All her dreams have been blurred.

                            But God comforts Maria through her friends, teachers, families to be hopeful amid the darkest situation she has faced as a teenager. They helped her change her perception of God. Indeed, they become the bearers of hope to Maria. Hence, she remains firm in her faith in God and goes back to school to fight for a brighter future.

                            Let us be ambassadors of hope by caring for others and sharing whatever we have with them in the best possible way for a better world. This will make us become true ambassadors of hope. Through solidarity human beings could survive in this present juncture. God is our hope and he is the surest answer.”

                            The team finally summarize their over-all experience:

                            We would like to thank the Rector Major and his Council for giving us this opportunity to participate in this DON BOSCO GLOBAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL. This is really the time to evangelize through social media and Christianize the internet.

                            We would like to express our gratitude to those who have been participating in the process of making this video. Truly, without your contribution we would not have reached the point of producing the video. There were many things lacking here and there but with God’s help and your collaboration we were able to produce this film with much satisfaction.

                            {gallery}Timor Est - Preparazione al DBGYFF 2021{/gallery}

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                              Gian Francesco Romano

                              RMG – Salesian radio broadcasters participate in the annual meeting of American radio stations

                              1 month 2 weeks ago
                              RMG – Salesian radio broadcasters participate in the annual meeting of American radio stations

                              (ANS - Rome) - On Monday 18 October the representatives of the Salesian radios of Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Bolivia gathered digitally for a moment of formation and meeting. Fr Gildasio Mendes, General Councilor for Social Communication of the Salesian Congregation, thanked everyone for their presence and underlined the importance of radio in the current communication context.

                              The meeting’s program included three central conferences, which dealt with various related topics: Prof. Kamila Bossato Fernandes, professor at the Federal University of Ceará, addressed the topic “The experience of the podcast 'As Cunhãs' and the increase in the consumption of audio platforms in the pandemic”. On the occasion, the professor stated that it is necessary to create a communication path based on truth, and she added: “I agree with what Fr Gildasio said. We need to establish this quality communication and commitment to truth and social rights. As for podcasts, I believe they are new platform, new mode to share content, because today’s listeners choose what they want to consume.”

                              In the second report, Sr. Márcia Koffermann (FMA), Professor of Systematic Theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and Executive Director of the Salesian Network of Brazil (RSB), spoke of "Communication in the perspective of living the Salesian sacrament of presence". According to Prof. Sr. Koffermann, one of the challenges is to return to Don Bosco, as Fr Pascual Chávez already exhorted during his rectorate. “We are called to be present among the young. This is the Salesian sacrament of presence. Thus, we are present in the actual reality of people, in the joys and sadnesses of daily life, and in the human and existential peripheries, among those who suffer the most.”

                              The last speech was given by the Salesian, João Carlos, Vicar and Delegate for Social Communications of the Brazil-Recife Province (BRE). He spoke on the theme "Salesianity in the communicative ecosystem of the radio" and illustrated four dimensions of Salesianity: the educating community; the educational and pastoral mission; the pedagogy of the preventive system; and youth and popular spirituality. “The Salesian radio must put the people of the popular districts at the center, paying attention to the new generations, to the family and encouraging participation,” said Fr João Carlos.

                              At the end of the meeting, several decisions were made, such as: the election of a representative for each country in charge of collecting suggestions that will be sent to the Department for Social Communication and the development of a journalistic editorial line that will guide the activities of the various stations.

                              The meeting was mediated by the Regional Representative of Radio in America and journalist of "FM Don Bosco" (Recife - BRE), Jocasta Pimentel. Zaida Navarrete, Delegate for Social Communications for Central America and Panamas present on the occasion. In conclusion, Fr Ricardo Campoli, a member of the Social Communication Department team, thanked everyone for the contribution and for keeping alive the spirit of Don Bosco through Salesian radios, which today represent the face of Don Bosco through this mode of communication.

                              • RMG CASA GENERALIZIA
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                                Gian Francesco Romano

                                Italy – Sister Maria Luisa Nicastro appointed Secretary-General of the FMA Institute

                                1 month 2 weeks ago
                                Italy – Sister Maria Luisa Nicastro appointed Secretary-General of the FMA Institute

                                (ANS - Rome) - On Monday 18 October 2021 the Mother General of the FMA Institute, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, appointed, with the consent of the General Council, Sr. Maria Luisa Nicastro, of the Roman Province "San Giovanni Bosco" (IRO), as the Secretary-General of the FMA Institute and communicated it to the participants in the XXIV General Chapter.

                                Sister Nicastro, born in Rome, was the Principal of the "Mary Help of Christians" Secondary School in Rome and is a Visiting Lecturer at the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences "Auxilium" in Rome. Until now she held the position of Secretary of the IRO Province.

                                The Secretary General is responsible for the general archives, the history of the Institute, the registers and general statistics. (C. 133)

                                Her duties include:

                                1. the drafting of the Acts and Deliberations of the General Council and the official documents of the Institute;
                                2. the compilation of the registers and general statistics;
                                3. fostering and the deepening of the charism and history of the Institute. The Secretariat has the responsibility of the Central Historical Archive with the aim of preserving, ordering and making known, through the relevant documentation, the historical heritage of the FMA Institute (see Constitutions, art. 133).
                                • Italia
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                                  Gian Francesco Romano

                                  India – Memory of Fr Aurelius Maschio honoured with bust & museum

                                  1 month 2 weeks ago
                                  India – Memory of Fr Aurelius Maschio honoured with bust & museum

                                  (ANS – Mumbai) – A bust representing the patriarch of the Salesians of the Province of Mumbai, Father Aurelius Maschio, was unveiled by Bishop Most Rev. Barthol Barretto in the presence of the Provincial Fr Savio Silveira, Rector of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna Fr Edwin D’Souza, well-wishers and Chapter of the Provincial Chapter [PC 22].

                                  The unveiling of the bust memorial in the garden of the Shrine Grotto, honours the memory of Father Maschio on his 25th Death Anniversary. Furthermore, the permanent-exhibit museum showcasing the memorabilia of Father Maschio in the Shrine office building, is a testimony to his pioneering works and the rapport with benefactors and well-wishers. Some of the various articles on exhibition are: Father Maschio’s typewriter on which he spent many laborious hours, corresponding with numerous people; his mass-kit [chalices, ciboriums, etc]; his liturgical vestments; his personal effects; well-preserved sermon-notes; certificates/citations of appreciation; and many awards.

                                  The ceremony was coordinated by the Rector of the Shrine Fr D’Souza, who also oversaw the entire process of bringing to fruition this memorial project to Father Maschio on his 25th death anniversary. PDDM nun Sister Vimala undertook the fabrication of the bust, while William Fernandes, a long-time associate and art designer conceptualised and designed the layout-interior of the permanent-exhibit museum.

                                  The occasion of the 1st session of the PC22 was chosen so that the Salesians of Mumbai could thank God for this magnanimous and towering pioneering architect of various works and settings across Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.

                                  Fr D’Souza shared the message sent by Fr Maschio’s earliest and one of the first benefactors from Italy, Giovanni Bernasconi who reminisced and traced back his family’s long association with Fr Maschio.

                                  Fr Silveira recalled the encounter, listening and discernment of Fr Maschio, a process that Pope Francis invites all in the lead up to the assembly of the world Synod of Bishops in 2023. He noted, “God-willing, perhaps this is the unfolding of God’s plan to initiate the process of raising Fr Maschio to the honours of the altar, as expressed by many.”

                                  Bishop Barretto pointed out the maxim of Fr Maschio was to “give, give and give, which he lived all through his life, reaching to the most marginalised poor in the city of Mumbai.” Mark Fernandes spoke on behalf of the Fernandes Family – who manage Sylvester and Co., the Custom House Agents licensed by the Customs Department, and the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India – the foremost benefactors of Father Maschio for over 7 decades. He said, “it is thanks to Fr Maschio that we have been blessed with many graces by God, and it is our hope that Fr Maschio still looks upon us with compassion.”

                                  The short ceremony ended with a token of gratitude to the collaborators and artists who laboured to set up the bust and permanent-exhibit museum within 60 days.

                                  {gallery}India - Monumento e museo per don Maschio 2021{/gallery}

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                                    Germany – 58 Young People Start Voluntary Service

                                    1 month 2 weeks ago
                                    Germany – 58 Young People Start Voluntary Service

                                    (ANS - Munich/Benediktbeuern) – 58 young people, 16 to 22 years old and from all over Germany start their voluntary service as Don Bosco Volunteers. 40 of them are going to aid the work of Don Bosco institutions in Germany. As F. Stefan Stöhr, the Coordinator for Voluntary Services of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Germany says, “they have the chance to collect practical experiences in working with very different people. We offer the Don Bosco Volunteers to contribute with their personal abilities, interests and talents and meanwhile they learn a lot about themselves”, F. Stöhr adds.

                                    Another 18 youngsters celebrated the start of their voluntary service as participants in the Don Bosco Volunteers Academy in Benediktbeuern in mid-September. During a solemn service they were handed over Don Bosco medals and were warmly welcomed to the Don Bosco family. In the last month they had prepared themselves for a year of international service in Don Bosco institutions all over the world. Due to the pandemic, this was not possible at that time. That is why they take the chance to work intensively on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

                                    Francesco Bagiolini, Advisor for International Youth Work and Voluntary Services at Aktionszentrum Benediktbeuern, co-developed the Don Bosco Volunteers Academy. “In up to six month we put the SDGs and their topics like sustainability, ecology and education in context with the life as global citizens who take responsibility for themselves, others and a peaceful and just world as a matter of course”, he emphasises. “We choose the subjects according to the experiences volunteers usually gain in their international service.”

                                    In addition to seminars, open day offers and workshops the volunteers can use periods of practical training in Don Bosco institutions in Germany to develop their personality.

                                    • Germania
                                    • GER GERMANIA
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                                      Gian Francesco Romano

                                      Spain – The Rector Major: "Building the Gospel with a Salesian flavor"

                                      1 month 2 weeks ago

                                      (ANS - Valladolid) - The last day of the visit of the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, to Valladolid focused on the thanksgiving Eucharist for 50 years of Salesian presence. The parish church dedicated to Mary Help of Christians was filled with the faithful for the celebration, which was animated by the musical group and the parish choir dressed in typical Castilian costumes. Many of the songs, in fact, had a Castilian rhythm and flavor and the Rector Major spoke of this "flavor" in his homily.

                                      Don Bosco's 10th Successor, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, presided over the Mass which concluded his visit to Valladolid. Beside him, in addition to Fr Fernando García, Provincial of the "Spain-St James the Greater" Province, were the Rectors and Parish Priests who had passed through the Salesian house. The entrance procession was lead by the flag of Mary Help of Christians and several women from the "El Candil" association, dressed in the regional costumes of Castile, who brought bouquets of flowers to welcome the celebrants.

                                      The Gospel proclaimed during the mass, in which Jesus invites the disciples to be light and salt, gave the Rector Major the opportunity to comment that “God continues to call many to continue to be witnesses of the Gospel of Life with a Salesian flavor.” And referring to the 50 years of Salesian presence in Valladolid, he underlined that the Salesian work will continue to serve the city’s young people.

                                      Also, he explained that the Salesian house is called to continue the dream of John Bosco, that of being at the side of the young, who were “more fragile and more vulnerable”. This is what the Salesians who have passed through the Salesian house in Valladolid have done, together with many lay people in all these years. “Thus, a beautiful, simple page of salvation history has been written,” he said, and for this reason, he invited all present “to thank the Lord for allowing us to help Him”. He thanked the Salesians and laity “who built the Gospel with a Salesian flavor in Valladolid.” Towards this end, he asked for a special prayer for “all those who are no longer with us.”

                                      Finally, the Rector Major foresaw many more years of Salesian work for the young and said pensively: “the Lord has sown us here so that the Salesian life may continue.”

                                      The Rector Major’s brief visit to the "Spain-St James the Greater" Province ended with the aforesaid religious celebration. On Friday 15 October he visited the Salesian presence in León, where he met Salesians, educators and members of the Salesian Family. On Saturday 16, in Valladolid, he inaugurated the Don Bosco Park and blessed a commemorative monument next to the Salesian house, which this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation.

                                      On the same day, he also held a meeting with the Provincial Council and the rectors of the SSM Salesian houses, as well as making a courtesy visit to the Archbishop of Valladolid, Card. Ricardo Blázquez. A meeting-dialogue with educators and the Salesian Family, and the thanksgiving Eucharist for the 50th anniversary of presence, were the other events presided over in Valladolid by Fr Á.F. Artime, X Successor of Don Bosco, who spent three years of his Salesian life at this House.

                                      • Rettor Maggiore
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                                        Virginia Nitto

                                        RMG – A thousand videos arrived at the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival. The festival is now entering its final stage

                                        1 month 2 weeks ago
                                        RMG – A thousand videos arrived at the Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival. The festival is now entering its final stage

                                        (ANS - Rome) - Friday 15 October was the last day to submit videos to the first Salesian world youth film festival, the "Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF). Over a thousand videos were received from all parts of the world, testifying to a participation, of the whole Salesian Family, which exceeded expectations. Now the organization of the festival enters the final phase, with the juries - divided into two levels - engaged in the arduous task of selection. The actual festival days which will include contemporary projections, as planned from the start, will take place simultaneously on 18 and 19 November, in multiple locations around the globe.

                                        At the closure of the reception of films for the DBGYFF, we can already identify some unique points about this festival, which has been strongly desired and promoted by the Rector Major of the Salesians, Don Ángel Fernández Artime. First of all, we can record a success in the joint participation of Salesians, educators and young people in the event. Many of the candidate videos are the result of joint work in schools, educational centres and oratories of the Salesian Family - in several cases also houses of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and other groups such as past pupils have joined the initiative.

                                        From East Timor, Fr Jolino Vieira da Costa, said: “I feel very satisfied that our young people have uploaded a short film and music video, which they made with so much enthusiasm, after having faced so many hardships and challenges.”

                                        While Fairman Khongmallai, from Northeast India, one of the authors of the film "Kal Keliye Khongmallai" (There is hope for tomorrow), testified: “We have produced a project with the young people of my village; but not having a powerful internet network to upload the film, we went to the Salesian house and Fr Michael Makri helped us upload it to the portal.”

                                        And from Argentina, the animator and educator Hernán, shares: “It was a powerfully Salesian experience to have accompanied our group of young directors to make the film and to participate in the festival. We were able to share this excellent initiative with their parents, who encouraged them to participate. I was able to see how Don Bosco's pedagogy and preventive system opened horizons in the life of young people, encouraging them to get involved and to become better. This festival made it possible.”

                                        At the same time, the ultimate goal of the festival, to make young people ambassadors of hope in their realities, seems to have already been achieved in the preparatory phase of the work.

                                        Again from Argentina, Clara reports: “When I was invited to participate, I couldn't believe it! It was a wonderful experience, sharing the same objective together, with a message full of hope: I just can't wait to do other festivals!"

                                        And again, from Paraguay, Matías writes: “It was a great experience to be able to participate in the DBGYFF. We worked with some young people to make a short film on the theme 'Moved by Hope'. It took us a month and a half between writing the script, shooting and editing. I thank these young people who said yes to this proposal.”

                                        At this point the most difficult work is the one that falls to the juries. Since the beginning of the month, the coordination team of the Festival, led by the Director, Fr Harris Pakkam, together with the Coordinator of the Juries, Fr Tadeusz Lewicki, has been contacting the approximately 100 jurors who are members of the preliminary jury - a varied group of representatives of all continents and countries, of different languages, cultures, ethnic groups and backgrounds - which has the task of viewing sets of 25 films each, and carrying out a first phase of screening among the videos to select those deserving to reach the final phase. To ensure the fairest and most objective judgment possible, each video will be viewed by at least three jurors.

                                        Subsequently, it will be the turn of the Grand Jury, whose composition is in progress these days, between filmmakers and screenwriters, film critics and influencers, reviewers, artists, actors, composers, sound engineers, editors and visual effects experts, bloggers and Salesian figures. They will be the ones who, working on the finalist videos, will then identify the winners of the various categories.

                                        And while expectations are raging throughout the Salesian world, the ways in which the festival will actually take place are also being defined. There are three levels:

                                        - in the situations where it will be possible to do so, there will be a presentation in presence in the Salesian houses, with the direct participation of the young people;

                                        - where the local measures adopted to prevent Covid-19 infections require avoiding gatherings, following the same methods that many Salesian houses use for Distance Learning, an online video transmission of the events organized will be made.

                                        - for everyone, it will be possible to watch the live streaming from the official website of the festival - - which, among the various moments, will also broadcast the official ceremonies from Turin, and in particular the opening, Thursday 18 November, and the announcement of the winners on Friday 19 November.

                                        "We invite all the Social Communication Delegates and the Salesians who collaborate in this initiative to prepare local, provincial or national events that adequately accompany the celebration of this Festival of Hope and the Youung" is the final appeal issued by the organizers.

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